it was approximately 2 months i left my blog without any progressions and changes due to “timelacking”..[i dunoe where dis word coming from but i heard from some1 else dat i dunoe either..hahaha]..a bunch of works came 2 “punish” me like gallons of water streaming out from the!!cud u believe dat??awesome huh…but both of my hands were too good 2 handle all of them eventhough they weren’t completed like wat i expected and deserved b4, nonetheless i made it!!!..being an undergraduate student plus a normal human who only has plusminus 500gm brain on his head, it was incredible and i??hahaha..dun think so la.crapping only..owh…wtf!!30th oct??today is 30th october???i din realize it until means i enjoyed myself here..u noe what??it was snowing in ottawa yesterday n i was so excited to witness them..ala..pham2 sja la..wer got such thing in malaysia rite?you go to 4seasons countries den u noe la how it is..damn nice wei..but sadly, i dun have pictures to show..but one of my frens has, i will post them as soon as i get the pics..hahahahaha


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    keezya Says:

    dear…it has been ages since u update this hoh..haha..well,i din update ine too in fact..haha..just did today,just before i arrive here. ooo..u enjoy ur time there n din realise time flies yah..mmmm sounds like u r forgetting us ppl in msia..hahhaha..juz joking la honey..good for u lah. glad dat u live happily ther w/out miseries..hehehe..muah..cope up with evrything as well as u cud ok? i believe u can do ben..*_*…haha

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