about canada

O Canada!..Our home and native land!..True patriot love in all thy sons command……continue….hahaha..these words are actually the first 3 lines of the canada’s national anthem but since i dunoe how to sing this anthem, i stopped there.for those who know this anthem, yeah you should continue to sing..hihi.mm..last week, when i was surfing the internet to find special event in ottawa (so desperate to jalan2 cari makan), i found something interesting about canada..what i discovered about canada was about the education level in canada. a research conducted by an independent group of people in montreal, canada (based on the data derived from numerous sources including the United Nations agencies and the United States’ Central Intelligance Agencys’ World FactBook) shows that the most educated country in the world is canada (http://www.aneki.com/most_educated.html) followed by the united states. this is based on the number of people (percentage of population) in the country aged between 25-64 that have attained a tertiary level of education…fuh..but the only thing appeared on the surface of my mind was..where is my lovely country, malaysia?malaysia is not in the list?…mmmm..


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