update..update and update

lets talking something else that we can learn from that thing that we talked rather than talking nothing..fuh..like a tongue twister rite..but..seriously.i meant it..im so clueless actually..i dunoe what i should put in this post..talk about mylife in canada?no need to do that..how about my studies?well…2 weeks from now will be my final exam.i do have ECOR(Introduction To Engineering), Calculus, Chemistry and Linear Algebra exams for this final but i havnt ready for it!!how come??wait n see…wat else??talk about my ECOR final project(reverse engineering project)?juz take a look at this


BUTCHERING KNIFE!!(3D Printing)or CLEAVER…hahaha..and the intelliCAD drawing..


n finally i completed my final project..that is what reverse engineering final project all about..hahaha


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    keezya Says:

    yeah..thanks for the update..at least ppl will b able 2 c a glimpse of ur life there in the far-far away land.

    borrowed ur blog add as my new blog title 🙂
    nvm rite..

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